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We collect contextualized information, and evaluate threats to it based on business priorities thanks to...

Incident Response & Threat Hunting

From Cyber attacks simulations (Incident Response (IR) Tabletop Exercise) to the response and management of actual Cyber attacks (Digital Forensics & Incident Response, IR Retainer), through the study of attackers (Cyber Threat Intelligence) or of your attack surface (Attack Surface Analysis), and the proactive research of attackers and breaches inside your network (Threat Hunting) we got you covered. 

Adversarial Emulation

We can execute a Cyber attack in a controlled way (Red/Purple Teaming), following the entire Cyber attack chain (Cyber Kill Chain), from a social engineering campaigns to the execution of a Command&Control (C2) or a fake ransomware, from the assessment of the physical security of your estates to the security and safety of industrial control environments and systems, in order to proactively and practically test your Cybersecurity Posture against modern Cyber-Physical attacks.

Proactive Defense & Governance

Based on your Business goals, your critical systems and critical information, while considering the compliance requirements applicable to you, we can help you practically define both your Cybersecurity Posture as well as an effective Cybersecurity Roadmap to implement over the years. We adopt an approach which tailors international standards and best practices based on your Business needs and priorities.


If you would like to adopt our services in a continuous and integrated approach, we offer you our Cybersecurity competences within a Managed Services approach, with the aim to be sustainable for your Business and always updated against the technological evolution of Cyber threats. We can help you embed the Cybersecurity in your company in order to leverage it and enable your Business to be more resilient and thus more competitive in the market.

Why we stand out

Human Overseen Automation

The ever growing number and complexity of Cyber attacks requires a mindset change on how we deal with them. This is why we aim at automatizing as much as possible of what we do, keeping the human supervision to what actually needs a specific intervention. 

Incident Response & Cyber Threat Intelligence Driven  

We believe Incident Response (IR) and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) are essential to gain insight into, explain and respond to today's ever complex cyber attacks and Threat Actors (TA). This is why we apply what we learn IR and CTI into our services and activities, in order to be as effective and efficient as possible while helping our clients to be more resilient. 

Cyber-Physical Holistic Approach

Given today seamless interconnection between the logical and physical worlds, it’s seems just natural we need to act with a Cyber-Physical approach, looking at both the IT world, and the OT/I-IoT/ IoT/IoMT/etc. worlds in an integrated way.

Management team

Matteo Brunati, CEO

Resilienza, tenacia, pazienza e umiltà sono alcune delle qualità che hanno contraddistinto la mia vita. Mi piace sognare e ideare soluzioni a problemi apparentemente insormontabili. Queste stesse qualità sono alla base della mia nuova avventura imprenditoriale, Agorà Security. Il nostro obiettivo è esplorare continuamente nuove soluzioni per affrontare le sfide di oggi e di domani.


Founding members

Matteo Brunati, CEO & Co-Founder

  • Over 20 years of experience in the Cyber space.
  • MSc in Computer Science from the University of Padua (Italy), with an exchange experience in The Netherlands.
  • Previously Senior Manager in a Big Four company, with management and leadership roles on Incident Response and Threat Intelligence topics in both Italy and EMEA.
  • With both advisory and software engineering experiences, he likes to face new challenges with a problem solving approach.

Mauro Conti, Co-founder

  • MSc and PhD in Computer Science from Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).
  • IEEE Fellow, Fellow of the Young Academy of Europe, EU Marie Curie Fellow (2012), DAAD Fellow (2013).
  • From 2018 he is Full Professor, and from 2020 he is Head of Studies of the Master Degree in Cybersecurity at University of Padua (Italy).
  • His research interests are mainly in the area of security and privacy. In this area, he published more than 500 papers in topmost international peer-reviewed journals and conferences.
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